We are Your Bespoke Travel & Luxury Residence Company with offices in South Africa and Switzerland that specializes in highest quality Golf & Signature Travel Arrangements and in Management, Ownership and Operations of truly unique Signature Residences with Consistent Personalized International 5-Star Standard Service.

Our Peach Tribe Leaders have been in international luxury hotel, tourism and project management for more than 25 years, are of Swiss and Asian decent, have worked in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America and Africa and are passionate Gourmet Golfers.

Heidi & Peter owned a trend-setting Gourmet Restaurant & Cooking School in China before settling in South Africa. Peter has been Chancelier (Vice-President) of the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs for China, as well.

Heidi & Peter

Heidi and Peter met during Peter’s international hotel management and project management career in China. Peter was in senior/general management positions in the luxury hotel industry and as general manager with Nestlé before setting up his own Peach International Hospitality Consulting Company at the beginning of 2000. He was President of the Board of the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Beijing for 8 years, as well.

Peter has graduated from the world-leading Lausanne Hotel School (EHL) and has worked with/for international brands such as Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, Accor, Nestlé and others before relocating to South Africa and setting up Peach Hospitality with Heidi.

Peter plays golf since he is 8 years old and has been competing on national and international level in Switzerland and in the UAE (for Emirates Golf Club in Dubai). He was a scratch player before and is now nurturing a low single Handicap, working on getting back to scratch or better. Peter is currently member at Royal Cape and Milnerton Golf Clubs in Cape Town.

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