Peach takes You to his Preferred Golf Courses complemented by some of his Favorite Gourmet Highlights and Authentic Safari Encounters.

South Africa has over 500 golf courses – many of them amongst the best and most unique golf courses in the world. Some golf courses are enjoyable and approachable for golfers of all skill levels, some are true tests and iconic experiences. We have played the major courses in Western Cape and Garden Route and many of the other key courses all over South Africa ourselves – trust Us to select the most suitable ones for Your tailor-made GOURMET GOLF SAFARI package.

South Africa offers perfect golf weather all around the year – hotter but often windier in Summer (November to April), a bit colder but mostly without wind in Winter months (May to October). Peach’s Insider Tip – Consider Your next South Africa trip for Winter as there are less people on golf courses – and anywhere else – and rates are often massively reduced.

Our dedicated Peach Golf Team will arrange absolutely everything for Your Signature GOURMET GOLF SAFARI. For holidays without Golf, please refer to Our Peach Travel section.

Peach Golf Services

Besides Our Signature Peach Travel Services, we offer the following Signature Peach Golf Services:

  • Preferential Greenfees and Tee-time Bookings
  • Cart and Top-Brand Golf Club Rentals
  • Peach as Your Scratch Handicap Golf Partner and Golf Tour Guide – Golf Tips included
  • Gourmet Golf Excursions – Peach takes You to a top Golf Course with unique signature gourmet experience like wine tasting, gourmet dinner, craft gin distillery visit – and so many more – after the round of golf
  • Golf Lessons and Training Camps with leading golf professionals (including PGA of South Africa Coach of the Year in Cape Town)
  • On-Course lesson and Playing Camps with leading golf professionals
  • Competitions and Team Golf Experiences
  • Practice Sessions at our Cape Town In-house Golf Facilities and at nearby Driving Range Complex & Mashie Course

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