Property Management

Are You planning to find Your Dream Property in South Africa – or do You already have a Property in South Africa but would like to generate (more) Revenue with it? Please let us know – We are Your reliable and local partner to assist You from A-Z. We are looking for selected properties to be added to Our Portfolio of Signature Residences.

Find Property

We have access to the most sought after properties all over South Africa – even before they are officially on the market. Let Us know what You are looking for and we tap into Our Network to find rough and polished diamond properties which match Your expectations. We will research the properties before coming back to You with a shortlist. We are happy to arrange viewing trips for You thereafter and assist You with all necessary steps once You have decided to acquire a certain property.


If You already have Your Property in South Africa but would like to renovate it, touch it up to Your taste or, especially, if You would like to use it as revenue-generating Residence, contact Us. We are very experienced with hotel / guesthouse / serviced residence conversion / new-build projects and will advise You from A-Z in how to realize the most beneficial revenue generating concept for Your property. There is no “One Shoe fits All” Approach but we will treat Your Project as unique and realize the most fitting tailor-made concept with You for You.

Generate Revenue

Do You have a property which is standing empty for most of the Year or do You currently rent out your property but do not make enough ROI? Please contact Us!

As truly international Hospitality / Hotel management Experts, we will realize the most suitable concept for You based on Our more than 25 years of experience in international luxury hotel, guesthouse, restaurant and coffee-shop project-management and operation management projects all over the globe. Our Peach Hospitality Management Company is based in Cape Town, while Our international Head-Office of Peach International is based in Switzerland.

Once Your Property is fine-tuned, we will be happy to add it to Our Signature Residence Portfolio to Market and Operate it as a true Win-Win-Win Project – Wins for You as Owner, for Our Distinguished Guests, most importantly, and for Us as Hosts & Operators.